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Dog Coat Care

£ 1.50
Mikki Flea Comb
Practical plastic flea comb.
£ 8.70
Show Tech English Chalk Block, white
Use as an aid to traditional hand stripping and to lighten the coat
£ 14.90
Show Tech Chalk sticks
Coloured chalk sticks to match and enhance any dog's coat
£ 4.30
Tick remover
Don't risk squeezing ticks with tweezers, simply twist and remove cleanly. 2 sizes.
£ 1.80
Mikki tick picker
Simple metal hook to pull out ticks. Don't risk squeezing ticks with tweezers.
£ 8.50
Wahl Detangler spray - 500ml
Spray on conditioning spray for easy grooming.
£ 30.50
Wahl Detangler refill - 3.8ltr
Refill size detangling spray.
£ 4.00
(-37.50%) £ 2.50
Mikki Dog Top & Tail wipes
Handy pack for general use.